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Art of Life
Power of meditation for improving the quality of life
Kanika’s growing years followed the societal norm of getting a good education, a good job and a good marriage to live a good and happy life. Except that the life plan didn’t work out.

She was so depressed, she wanted to die, but her two-year-old son gave her the motivation to live. Her own pain and suffering led her to explore the power of meditation to turn life around.

In the Art of Life podcast, she shares everyday practical tools and tips to release stress and anxiety, heal inner trauma and create an abundant life the way you desire.

If you want to start healing and fall in love with your life, then this podcast is for you.

New episodes every Wednesday morning.

Website https://artoflifecenter.com/

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Kanika Vasudeva

Kanika’s growing years were thoroughly methodical. As an Engineer and MBA professional, most things in life were led by analysis and very black and white. Until life crashed…

Life was already getting hard, but then at 31 weeks of a healthy pregnancy, she lost her daughter. No reason, no warning…

Ironically, death gave her an appreciation for life and the bigger role of our souls and divine purpose.

She’s since started diving deep into past lives and soul purpose, healing timeline, and ancestral lineage.

She has completed various programs on clairvoyant reading, healing and teaching.

The more she’s healed herself inside, the more joy and abundance she’s created in her physical life and for those around her.

Her desire is to make magic accessible to everybody.

Website https://artoflifecenter.com/