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Episode 4

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21st Jun 2023

# 4 The Power of Thought: How to Use Your Mind to Change Your Life - Art of Life Podcast

Let’s explore the science behind the power of thought. Can thoughts change our lives, and if so, how do we use or thoughts effectively to manifest hat we really want?  


  • How to identify damaging thoughts & turn them into positive affirmations 
  • Simple strategies for manifesting 
  • Examples of manifestation blocks 
  • Techniques on cultivating a mindset rooted in positivity  

And more... 


Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers 

[00:00] Introduction 

[00:53] An Example From Daily Life 

[03:30] Is There Really Anything Such As The Power of Thought? 

[04:05] Observer Effect 

[04:55] Placebo Effect 

[06:13] Positive and Negative Spiral in Life 

[07:58] How to Shift your Negative Spiral  

[08:41] Manifesting Consciously 

[12:43] How To Manifest? 

[13:46] Is Manifesting Complicated? 

[15:34] Are You Blocking Your Manifestation? 

[16:39] Example of Manifestation Blocks 

[17:38] Understanding Manifestation 

[19:45] Ending Notes and Links From This Episode 

Links from this episode: 

✔️ The story of my paintings 


✔️ Join Art Therapy – Create Time for Hobbies (Regain freedom on time) 


✔️ Join Art Therapy – Start Manifesting Your Dream Life (Manifest Your Dreams and Goals) 


✔️ Join Art Therapy – Speed Manifesting Your Dream Life (Just like speed dating, this is speed manifesting because manifesting doesn’t have to be complicated) 


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[00:00:00] Kanika: Welcome to the Art of Life podcast. Today we have an amazing topic. It's called The Power of Thought. I'll let that sink in the power of thought.


[00:00:30] Kanika: I will leave for you to decide for yourself. I'll just share some of my stories and some of the other things in this podcast, and then of course you have your free will and choice around what you wanna do and how you think about that. So the story I wanted to share goes back to probably about four and a half years.


[00:00:53] Kanika: This is a time when I wanted to really explore meditation. My life wasn't working out and I was just looking for ways to find some peace to get my own answers, and I had a two and a half year old boy, so my son I had to take care of, which is an amazing thing, but I did not have as much free time. I took him one day to a library just trying to look at some books on meditation, and my little son wasn't interested at all.


[00:01:53] Kanika: And if meditation is the real answer, you really need to give me a space where I can be at a library and I can just get maybe 15, 20 minutes to find my books and at least get that. But I don't have right now even that much amount of time where I can go to a library, have a quiet time, pick my books, and come back.


[00:02:44] Kanika: And you have to get your photo taken there. I said, all I just Googled the next destination, the closest service center, and I went there. I took my ticket to wait in queue, and guess what? That was inside a library. So the library and the services center for Australia. They just shared, coshared a space.


[00:03:30] Is There Really Anything Such As The Power of Thought?


[00:03:52] Kanika: I'd say this. That we all have an electromagnetic field. All our cells in the body, it all has an electromagnetic field.


[00:04:05] Kanika: Now, there is a double slit experiment. Maybe some of you have heard about it, but this experiment talks about something also called the Observer effect. So basically by observing an electron that path was changed. Now again, as a lot of things in science, this is a little bit debated as well, but think about it. If simply by focusing your attention on an electron, the path of an electron changes, that's probably something. It definitely has an observer effect.


[00:04:55] Placebo Effect


[00:05:40] Kanika: So it begs you to think, is there a power in your thought? Think about what you say to someone to make them feel better. You throw that energy out there when you are wanting to comfort them. And does it transpire? Does it actually make them feel better? So that's a question for you. I do believe that we create what we focus on.


[00:06:13] Kanika: Sometimes we have a positive spiral and sometimes we have a negative spiral of emotions. Negative spiral of emotions could be, let's say I started my car in the morning and I look at the traffic and I go, oh my goodness. You know this traffic, nothing's working out for me today. And at least for myself, I notice that if I was to continue on that journey, then my day doesn't go very well.


[00:06:52] Kanika: So a positive spiral could be with the same traffic situation. I would go I haven't had time to meditate today, so the traffic's going really slow. This is the journey that I've got to take, and I have this time now to settle down and just be in my body and to clean, to get calmer. So it shifts the whole energy rather than trying to blame, rather than trying to go, oh, as if I'm fighting for everything. It brings in that sense of calmness and there's that sense of gratitude where I feel, oh, the universe is always looking for me.


[00:07:58] How to Shift your Negative Spiral


[00:08:20] Kanika: Maybe the situation is for me to learn how to step into my own power a little bit more. But I just put that spin on it and it definitely works for me. Shows me more growth instead of just looking at everything as obstacles in my life.


[00:08:41] Kanika: The next question I usually get is around what have I consciously manifested?


[00:09:16] Kanika: And essentially what we do in the class is we play with the energy of time.


[00:09:57] Kanika: I absolutely love to paint, but I haven't been painting for really few months now. I've just been busy. So I definitely put that. I also said, I don't wanna be so busy and I just don't wanna be working so much, and guess what? I got that. So in terms of painting, and I'll share some links here. So I did actually end up painting, there was something that my son's school asked for an annual function that they hold. They were looking for some painters. I just took that as a sign and then I spent some time creating my expression of water. I got my manifestation desire that I really wanted to sit down and paint. And you'll see in the pictures that I post that I have this whole place in my living room converted into a studio because these sheets were massive that I was trying to paint.


[00:11:27] Kanika: And it's worked out beautifully. I've now got a whole chunk of time. And I've decided to use that more to meditate myself because that is the place where I tune in and get my own answers. That's my connection with me. And then I've tried, and I've wanted to just do more of the podcast because that's an expression of me, that's an expression of my voice, and that's something I truly wanna do is share all of these tools with the world, because I do wanna share with everybody that it is possible to clear your life, to make it easier to manifest whatever you want. It doesn't have to be complicated. It can really come in from a nice, good, easy place. So I got that. I will put a link to that class called Art Therapy- Creating Time for Your Hobbies. It's absolutely fun and playful. And yes, we play with colors in that one. The purpose of this class is around regaining freedom on time.


[00:12:43] How To Manifest?


[00:13:03] Kanika: And the second one, because I wanted to prove that manifesting doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to always sit down for a one hour meditation and do it. That class is called Speed Manifesting Your Dream Life. So in that second class, I show how to sit down and we do a couple of manifestations in literally one class, one hour class.


[00:13:46] Is Manifesting Complicated?


[00:13:55] Kanika: They are super affordable, but let's say you couldn't there was something else that stopped you, then what can you do to manifest and is it a complicated process?


[00:14:20] Kanika: I did not even sit down, do anything, and I still had my desire of painting come to life. Like that WhatsApp note just came in and I responded. So I did it without actually sitting down or doing anything in terms of a process.


[00:15:00] Kanika: And even if you didn't do my class, I would highly encourage you just to have that conversation with the Supreme being, with the universe, with the source, with God, however, you refer. That's okay. But just have that open dialogue whenever you feel you are in that space. And it can be a really down space as well. It can be a space when you feel really good and tuned into yourself, all of the spaces are okay, but have that conversation and say, Hey, look this is what I want.


[00:15:34] Kanika: I believe that whatever you want to manifest, just by virtue of your thinking, that's already created, but it's up, there somewhere in the spiritual world. And then you have to get into your body as well. And usually, your body can have some resistance to it.


[00:16:20] Kanika: What you can possibly do when you're having those conversations is you can also ask where am I blocking it? Where am I stopping my manifestation to come to me? What are the fears I have, and I'll give you an example as well.


[00:16:39] Kanika: There was another time when I wanted to manifest a job for myself. And it came out in a very funny manner because I was really trying to do that and I was having a conversation with my mom and she said you're doing all of this work. It doesn't seem to work because you're still not getting your job. And just in that conversation, I blurted out and I'm like that's because I haven't let go of the thoughts that I hold for this person. So you see. Somewhere you might know what your blocks are.


[00:17:38] Understanding Manifestation


[00:17:58] Kanika: So I would suggest that you can just keep your manifestation intentions as neutral as possible because you do want to give the other person their free will as well. They have as much freedom to having life the way they want it, as do you. You just give them their free will and their choice as well.


[00:18:50] Kanika: Because then you have more chances of having someone who also wants the exact same thing. But if you just tied down yourself, that one person, might not want it. So just keep those things in mind


[00:19:08] Kanika: Hopefully it gives you beautiful tips in terms of manifesting for your own life. I hope you can really enjoy that. You can have your own ideas as well now around the power of thought,


[00:19:38] Kanika: Okay I will see you next time. Till then, have fun, keep grounding, keep bringing in Gold Suns.


[00:19:45] Thank you so much for listening to the Art of Life podcast. I couldn't thank you enough. I love sharing these messages about improving our life, just playing with meditation and simply reframing our thoughts, having a better life in that process, healing and creating a life that we really want.


[00:20:48] Till then, keep grounding, love your life. Bye-bye.


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