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Episode 2

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14th Jun 2023

#2 Playing With Time to Make Life Less Overwhelming – Art of Life Podcast

Discover how time, as a form of energy, influences our daily lives and how we can reclaim time for ourselves. Join us as we delve into the art of slowing down, finding balance, and reconnecting with our authentic selves.   


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[00:00] Introduction 

[00:49] Exploring Time 

[01:43] The Energy of Time 

[03:54] The Importance of Doing Nothing 

[05:42] Going Slow 

[06:52] Art Therapy Class - Creating Time for Hobbies 

[08:29] Grounding Meditation Intro 

[09:58] 5 Minute Meditation to Bring Flow and Calmness to Your Everyday Life  

[14:47] Make Your Life Less Busy 

[15:55] Ending Notes and Links From This Episode 


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[00:00:00] Kanika: Hi there. It's Kanika again, your host for the Art of Life podcast. I am so glad that you are here. I'm so glad to be recording this episode. We have a really amazing topic today. It's called Creating Time for Hobbies. But before we delve into that, I wanted to thank you for all the likes and the subscriptions and the reviews that we've gotten so far.


[00:00:47] Thank you so much.


[00:00:49] Kanika: Continuing with the topic today, and the topic is creating time for hobbies. And that's a very funny topic, right? Like what do you mean creating time? What do you mean creating time for hobbies? Can I create time? There is a finite amount of time. There is like only 24 hours a day.


[00:01:25] And when you think of time, just think how much energy time has, like everybody just needs time. You need time to go out.


[00:01:43] The Energy of Time


[00:02:07] It didn't matter. And slowly and slowly you started getting bigger. Within the womb, and then even those expectations started coming in, like maybe your mom was sleeping and she was like, oh, I wish the baby doesn't kick right now because it's waking me up. Maybe that happened. Maybe as you grew up there were more routines to follow. There was school to go to, there were jobs to do, and so there was more and more energy of time. Energy on your time. You see where I'm going with this now.


[00:02:55] And I want to now just prompt you in another way about time. So just imagine if you didn't have that energy on time. Imagine if your shower could be a nice long shower, or maybe not a long shower. Maybe you want a long bath. Maybe you want to have good time for breakfast or lunch. You don't wanna rush anywhere.


[00:03:54] The Importance of Doing Nothing


[00:04:27] So we feel that if we are not running, if we are not rushing, there can be a tendency to think that, oh, I'm missing out. But there's a whole lot that can happen when you are not thinking about time as much, when you are not rushed as much. When you have time to be with you. And we always say that about babies, that they're the most connected to the soul.


[00:05:24] They have time to really connect with themselves, and that helps them channeled into their own higher self, into their own knowingness, into their own awareness. They're connected. They're full of joy because of that.


[00:05:42] Kanika: I want you to consider if your life could be slow. And what that would be like.


[00:06:11] But maybe if you could just have a little bit more time to have your cup of tea or coffee, or just to sit outside before you start the day. If you had time to be able to wake up nice and fresh, at least when you wanted to start the day, if that could happen, imagine how it would just supercharge your day.


[00:06:52] Art Therapy Class - Creating Time for Hobbies


[00:07:01] And in this one we are just going to play with the energy of time. We are going to clean some of the blocks that we have, the time, some of our own mental blocks, that makes it very busy and chaotic for us. We are going to clean that charge, heal it, and then bring in some flow into our time, bring in some fun, bring in some relaxation.


[00:08:04] And again, don't underestimate sleeping babies sleep, but babies make a full baby from a fetus. So there's a whole lot of integration that goes on just with resting. And that's why I wanted to do it. So there will be a link in the show notes, and you can just join the class. And of course, I will be there to answer any questions that you'll have.


[00:08:29] Kanika: If you can join us for the class online, that would be awesome. But even if you can't, there is an ebook on grounding that I've written.


[00:08:50] And one of the exercises then you can do is start grounding out time. So literally just imagine that you've got time on a piece of paper, or you've got just your energy of time around you, however you wanna imagine it, and then you just drain the energy from here.


[00:09:26] You will be safe. You can also listen to this meditation when you get home. Just stop it here, so that's when you can listen to it. If you are at home, of course, go ahead. The only consideration I'd ask for you before you start grounding because it does release a lot of energy, perhaps try not do it while you're driving or when your attention is required. Especially in the beginning.


[00:09:58] 5 Minute Meditation to Bring Flow and Calmness to Your Everyday Life


[00:10:23] Just a nice deep breath, and as you breathe deeply, you are just allowing your body to release anything that's not serving. So maybe you're carrying some tension, maybe you're carrying some anxiety. Just release,


[00:10:54] And then as you are sitting, just imagine that the chair where you're sitting, that that chair has got really long legs. It's okay. We are just playing so you can just play, have fun like a three year old toddler. And just imagine this chaired long legs. They extend all the way down to the center of the earth.


[00:11:44] Stuff that doesn't let you align with your true self. Just imagine all of that is going down into the center of the earth and this is grounding. So Earth is always really happy to ground you. Earth is nourishing you, supporting you all the time. We are born on earth. Your food, your clothes, everything comes on earth.


[00:12:33] So imagine the next week for yourself. Imagine how it is and you can ask Earth to release the extra charge from it. You know, maybe there's some interfering energy that is playing that is already making your next week very busy. So just let that go. You can just imagine perhaps in front of your eyes, there's like a calendar. The calendar has next week in front of you, and that whole block of next week that has a deep connection with the earth, it has its own chair that's connected, and the legs go all the way to the center of the earth and then just let it drain out any excess charge.


[00:13:43] And just let that busyness go away. And then as all of that happens, you can just fill in, in that calendar. You can just fill in some fun. So give yourself some time. Maybe give yourself a few minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes of your time every day for that week, and just fill it up So the Earth's, releasing all the negative charge, all the busyness, all the chaos Earth's taking that away, making it nice and smooth. And as you fill it up with your own time of 15 minutes that you want, you are making it yours. You're making those days yours.


[00:14:47] Make Your Life Less Busy


[00:14:58] Just look out how your next week looks like. I didn't want to play with this week too much because it already has too much charge.


[00:15:32] But of course, if you wanna join the class, you're more than welcome. I will be so glad to see you. And then we will cover this in a lot more detail and you'll probably get more out of it. I will be excited to hear how this session went for you. As always, have a beautiful day and keep grounding. I will see you next time.


[00:15:55] Thank you so much for listening to the Art of Life podcast. I couldn't thank you enough. I love sharing these messages about improving our life, just playing with meditation and simply reframing our thoughts, having a better life in that process, healing and creating a life that we really want.


[00:16:43] That's where you can also find my upcoming classes. And of course, you're more than welcome to join me, and I would love to see you there. So that's it for this time. Thank you again for joining me on The Art of Life podcast. I will see you next week with a fresh new episode.

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