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Episode 5

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28th Jun 2023

#5 Meditation 101: Letting go to heal your life Art of Life Podcast

Let’s delve into the fundamentals of meditation and explore how it can help you let go of negative emotions and experiences to find inner peace. Join us as we guide you through easytofollow techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine, and start experiencing the healing benefits of meditation today. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, Meditation 101: Letting go to heal your life Art of Life Podcast is perfect for anyone looking to cultivate mindfulness and positivity in their life. 


Explore the benefits of meditation in healing your life and how to use it to let go of past conditioning and programming. 

We discuss how past life programming and current life conditioning can hold us back from living our best lives and how letting go can be difficult. We cover topics such as holding your space, grounding, and why letting go is easier while meditating. We also share personal examples of how meditation has helped us heal our lives and how it can be used to heal specific areas of your life. Finally, we address common questions such as whether meditation takes time to learn. 


  • Insights on the benefits of meditation 
  • Practical tips on how to use meditation to heal your life 
  • Personal stories of how meditation has helped others 
  • Learn how to let go of past conditioning and programming 
  • Gain practical tools to use in your own meditation practice 
  • Find inspiration and motivation to start or continue your meditation journey 

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers 


[00:00] Introduction  

[00:38] Why can meditation help heal your life? 

[02:29] Past life programming 

[04:13] Current life conditioning 

[05:44] Why is letting go hard? 

[06:57] Your spirit wants you to heal your life 

[08:23] How can meditation help with letting go 

[09:16] Holding your space your separation from others 

[09:59] Grounding 

[11:28] Why is letting go easier while meditating? 

[14:00] Example of how meditation helped heal my life 

[16:48] Can meditation heal your life? 

[17:35] How to use meditation to heal specific areas of your life? 

[20:56] Does meditation take time to learn? 

[22:17] Ending Notes and Links From This Episode 


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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Art of Life Podcast. I'm Kanika, I'm a meditation teacher and host. My purpose with this podcast is to share tips on how you can start creating a better life simply by playing with your imagination. You can heal past pain and traumas, and you can create the high vibration life that you wanted simply by being in a kid's space and just playing a little bit.


[00:00:29] Hi, and welcome to the Art of Life podcast. I'm super, super excited to present today's topic to you.


[00:00:38] I was having this discussion with another student and we were talking about meditation. So the conversation was, why is it difficult to let go in daily life. And why is meditation recommended to let go of pain? Essentially, why do we find it hard to let go? Usually if I want to let go of something, I do understand that it is causing me pain. I should forget this and I should move on. But why does that get really hard? And how does meditation then work?


[00:01:29] Let's try and answer that. I've been thinking a lot about trying to explain this concept as I understand it. I finally settled on trying to explain this with colors. Not very hard to imagine because I do play with colors a lot. Here's what I've come up with and tell me how you find this explanation as well, because I would really find that feedback very useful.


[00:02:08] And it's just a concept to understand how you are, where you vibrate, how other things can feel different. We all do have a vibration. That's just science. We all have an electromagnetic field. Let us try and imagine that you are vibrating at let's say a yellow color


[00:02:29] If this is you, this is just pure you when you were vibrating. There's also a possibility that you had some past life programming as you were born, as you came into this life. So you had previous life conditioning, let's say, some previous programming.


[00:03:14] There's some previous life mental blocks. There's some previous life conditioning that you might be carrying. Examples of this could be sometimes you would say, oh, somebody was just born gifted. How do they know? Maybe that just came from their previous life. And then on the flip side, there are sometimes fears that we might have.


[00:04:01] That's a different color to your original vibration. And of course, as the yellow color, this doesn't feel quite right. It's already a lack of alignment.


[00:04:13] And now let's look at our current life. You have some conditioning in here as well. Maybe somebody has some thoughts, maybe somebody has some judgements for you.


[00:04:59] Might feel some fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression.


[00:05:35] So let's say if you could get back to your yellow, then your life would be really good. Hmm.


[00:05:44] But what happens is in daily life, as we are busy with our life, it's sort of hard to let these foreign colors go because it's just contained in the glass. There's no place for it to go.


[00:06:26] And she will try and comfort me, but when I get back to it and when I wake up in my bed, that's what I'm carrying inside me. So I don't feel super good unless I have a way of releasing, unless I have a way of actually letting go of the darker shades here or the shades that were different to my vibration. It's hard to feel great .


[00:06:57] So the only way then to get back to ourselves, to come back to our vibration, to come back to our color, however we were vibrating at, is then to release that, to release all that icky color, the icky vibrations that don't belong to us, to be able to release that. And when you do that, you get into your own vibration. Your spirit as such, you are super capable and super powerful. You have all the abundance you need, you have all the joy, you have all the power, you have all the capability, everything that you can dream of, you have that in your spirit. Your purpose, why you came on life was just to be able to experience that in the body.


[00:08:23] How can meditation help with letting go


[00:08:51] My job then becomes to maintain my space. To hold my space, and that's where meditation comes in. Meditation allows you to release, to let go of what is not yours, and to have a boundary between somebody else's energy, your own energy.


[00:09:16] The job then becomes around holding your space. I have my space, I have my space in the body, you know, here and then around me, the energetic field around me, and so does everybody else. Anybody who has a body has a space.


[00:09:59] Grounding


[00:10:34] I've also written another, the blog on it, and I'll link that in the show notes as well. But if you want to, you can go to artoflifecenter.com/grounding and find your free ebook there.


[00:11:16] It doesn't need to be done specifically indoors or outdoors. You can start practicing grounding day by day. There are no side effects. You can just see how that works for you.


[00:11:28] Now, coming back to the question, the question was why can't you do that in your daily life? Why is letting go so difficult? And why is it easier in a meditation space? Why is it easier with a tool like grounding?


[00:12:06] How meditation works is, well, I play with it actually, so all my meditation classes are going back to kindergarten time. I imagine that we are all three year olds. I play with that energy and that's beautiful, fun, playful energy. What that does is, it takes a seriousness away. So it really disempowers the negative emotions, which is real win.


[00:13:01] When you take the seriousness out, you can go, well, there's some blue there. Okay, I can let that go. There's some red there. I can let that go. It works like that, whereas when you are sitting day to day and experiencing something, it can be hard to let go. You might know it in your head that letting go of some thought pattern is easy.


[00:13:58] And then you can let go.


[00:14:00] Lemme think of an example and actually I don't even have to think too much. I had this time where I broke up from a very, very serious relationship and it was essentially an abusive one. I definitely had a lot of charge, really needed a lot of work on me as well, because I started feeling as a different person in this relationship. Definitely not the Kanika you're seeing right now. Very, very far away from that. This was a time when I just felt super depressed. I really wanted to end my life. It's not an exaggeration. Um, but I'm repeating that because I want you to know that when I was feeling that to get to it there was a whole lot of, I'm not good enough in there. There was a whole lot of, well, I can't do this right. There was a lot of guilt, there was a lot of shame. There was no confidence at all, and what I'm doing right now, sharing my message with the world, I could have never even dreamt of that at that time.


[00:15:44] And slowly and slowly as I could bring in a little bit yellow and a little bit more of my color and then a little bit more, there was more and more that came. And finally it is to a point I think, where it's just miraculous. I think everything in my life that is happening is stuff now of the dreams.


[00:16:44] And everything that you need to succeed in this life.


[00:16:48] So healing your life, that's not a question whether healing will happen with meditation or not. The question really is when, like when and how long will it take you? And even with that, it's just about you and how much you keep doing. Like anything else, it's about practice.


[00:17:35] How to use meditation to heal specific areas of your life?


[00:18:13] You can have an intention on creating, you can have an intention on healing. I have a beautiful class that's coming up on healing your past, talking about all of the past energy that's around starting to heal some of your past traumas, your past life patterns.


[00:19:01] If you sit down and if you meditate, let's say you have no intent, you sit down and you clear your space and you ground, of course, things are easy. You know, at that time you will feel a little bit better, but it might take you a while before you actually start seeing the shift because we can have a lot of energy and a lot of charge.


[00:19:49] Then you can sit down, you can ground. There's another technique that I use in my classes called the gold Sun to fill in with your own energy, to connect you to your guidance. But even if you're not doing my classes, you can imagine your connection with the universe, and you can imagine the universe guiding you and helping you out.


[00:20:38] If you thought of them, let's say all the time, you could just not get them out of your head, maybe you'll start thinking of them just around nighttime, and then as you keep practicing, it just keeps getting better.


[00:20:56] It is like any of the other practice tools, isn't it? All the skills that you learn in life, they all take time to learn.


[00:21:19] Meditation is pretty much the same way. When you keep doing it, it gets better. If becomes like you're second nature, nobody is the perfect person here. Everybody is learning, but it might be the way that helps you get back to the space that you were born. It might be the way to connect you to your original self, and that's powerful.


[00:22:11] I will see you next time. Have a beautiful day. See you soon.


[00:22:17] So that's it for today. Thank you so much for listening to the Art of Life podcast. I couldn't thank you enough. I love sharing these messages about improving our life, just playing with meditation and simply reframing our thoughts, having a better life in that process, healing and creating a life that we really want.


[00:23:03] Also visit the website at art of life center.com. That's where you can also find my upcoming classes. And of course, you're more than welcome to join me, and I would love to see you there. So that's it for this time. Thank you again for joining me on The Art of Life podcast. I will see you next week with a fresh new episode.


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