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Art of Life
Transforming lives through joyful meditations and art therapy. ? Check my new course Life Makeover?? artoflifecenter.com/art/
Hi, I'm Kanika - the founder of Art of Life Center, a sanctuary for all those seeking a fresh start, growth, and happiness in their lives.

My life was once all about plans and predictability, thanks to my engineering and business mindset. But everything changed when I lost my daughter at 31 weeks pregnant.

In that dark place, I found something unexpected: a new way of seeing life, a sense that there’s more out there, something bigger than us. That’s when I started exploring new paths, diving into clairvoyant reading, healing, and teaching, turning my darkest moment into a journey of discovery and healing.

My dream? To help you rediscover your sparkle and guide you towards a life filled with peace and giggles. Believe me, a life sprinkled with laughter and growth isn’t just a dream—it's right here, waiting for you.

So, here’s a playful wink from me: if you’re looking to heal, find some guidance, or just infuse your days with more calm and creativity, I’m here for you.

Website : https://artoflifecenter.com/
Message Me : https://artoflifecenter.com/hello/

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Kanika Vasudeva

I transform lives through joyful meditations and art therapy. 🌟 Check my new course Life Makeover🎨✨ artoflifecenter.com/art/