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Episode 1

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9th Jun 2023

#1 The Power of Meditation and Frequently Asked Questions – Art of Life Podcast

Kanika shares her journey with meditation and answers some frequently asked questions about the practice. Kanika shares examples of how meditation brought positive changes, such as finding a fulfilling job and building strong friendships. 

Discover how meditation can improve various aspects of your life, including parenting, creativity, and work-life balance. Learn how you can apply meditation techniques to create positive changes in your own life.  

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[00:00] Intro 

[01:21] Meditation Benefits 

[02:56] Meditation For Manifesting 

[05:16] Meditation Class 

[05:57] Can Anyone Meditate? 

[08:08] Meditation Made Easy 

[10:43] How Do You Know Meditation Is Working For You? 

[12:22] Falling Asleep in Meditation 

[15:37] Grounding 

[17:24] Ending Notes and Links From This Episode 

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[00:00:00] Kanika: Hey everyone, and welcome to a brand new episode of The Art of Life podcast. I'm Kanika, I'm your host, and it is such a pleasure to welcome you to this podcast. So our topic for today is generally just meditation and some frequently asked questions about meditation. Now, before I start talking about all of this, Let me just talk about myself.


[00:01:00] So I had to find the tools and ways to survive. I didn't want to be an unhappy mother with him. I wanted to give him a happy childhood, and in that process, I learnt a whole lot of growth and techniques and tools for myself, and this is what I wanna teach and share with everyone else as well.


[00:01:21] Kanika: So what has meditation really done for me?


[00:01:47] So giving you examples in terms of what I got first I did not have a job. When I started all of this, I was just depressed, really sad with my life. So I got a job. I got a really well paying job with one of the best managers. He's still one of my favorite bosses. Very flexible because I wanted to have a job that would allow me to still continue meditating and look after my boy have some work and life balance as well.


[00:02:49] All of that wouldn't have happened either. So I do a accredit meditation to that.


[00:02:56] Kanika: Other things in my life that I've created is I have a lot of friends and lots of friends who I connect with in a very special way. Some would be like mom friends, some would be people I can just call upon, but whatever truth I need, my friends are there as a support system to see me, to hear me, to value me, and sometimes to pull me up and say, look, this is what you're doing and this is what really needs to happen and just pass on those messages. You know, like where your guidance is trying to get to you, but maybe I'm not listening to it. And then my friends will be there to really, to go like, well, this is actually what needs to happen.


[00:03:59] I've found joy in lots of other things. So joy, for example, even in creating this podcast as such, I started painting as well. I absolutely had no idea what painting is like, what you do, and I just used meditation for it. I know sounds super weird and sounds like, what the hell, but I'll attach some paintings of what I've done and this is literally from zero experience and they're not the best A three paintings, but they will just tell you that meditation just helps you channel something and when you want it, you just get it.


[00:04:54] And even every day just operating in life, I think I become a better parent and I look at parenting all the time as well in my meditation space, but it just makes everything so much easier. So now my desire is to share all of these tools with everybody in the world as well, because they're not really hard.


[00:05:16] Kanika: You can just sit down in one meditation session and just work through something, have an intent, work through something, and you will make it easier. You will create a life that you want. In fact, every month I am doing some classes. Anybody can join in and we have a theme. Our upcoming theme, for example, is around creating time for hobbies.


[00:05:41] We finished one around discovering your life purpose. The previous classes you can download and the new ones that are coming up, you can of course enroll for them and they will be live classes or you can just watch a replay at your convenience.


[00:05:57] Kanika: So the next question I get frequently asked before students join in is, can anyone meditate? And I totally hear this question because when I started meditating and I practiced through a lot of practices and I just really found it hard, everybody said, clear your mind. I can't clear my mind. I, I find it very hard.


[00:06:44] You know, a three year old toddler is curious, full of life. Just exploring. Doesn't mind that something goes wrong as well. It's absolutely okay. So that is what this meditation space is about. You just sit down and you sit down and play. And in that play we'll do some a visualization. And through that we'll start releasing and clearing our space.


[00:07:32] You can probably be having a day, which is really clear, and as I'm guiding, your meditation will just go very smoothly and you'll follow along and it'll all be good. Perfect. Maybe there is a day when the thoughts are muddled and. It is hard to concentrate. It is hard to even listen. And even though I'm saying something, you're still like, wait a minute.


[00:08:08] Meditation Made Easy


[00:08:19] I know. And again, I hear you and I had this exact same question when I just started. it was like, how can it be so easy? How can this just really work? I remember there was a time when my teacher was teaching me and he gave me a tool around just separating from someone else. I've, I was really having trouble with this person.


[00:09:12] And literally, that's what you've got to do in the meditation. You just try and turn your analyzer off. Like there is an analyzer. You just imagine. You just turn it down. But, well, there I was and I said, you know what? If this is what he's saying, okay, let me just see. So what I did with my rose. I actually gave my rose like fire spitting out fire like a Chinese dragon because I was just so angry and annoyed with a person.


[00:10:05] I would've not normally done that, but the situation just arose and literally the fire just came out. And as that happened, I'm like, oh my God, that's the dragon and that's the fire. That's just how powerful this is. So that was lesson learned.


[00:10:39] And it's totally up to you. What do you wanna do?


[00:10:43] Kanika: Next question is how do I figure out the things are working for me? And it sort of tails off from the previous question. So my guidance there is, well, everybody has their own experiences, so I can of course go on and give hundreds of my experiences of how things have been with me.


[00:11:22] It's all okay. And so then the proof of the pudding is that you just. Check it for yourself. How does it happen after you've meditated on that? After we've done that session, do you really start getting a little bit more time? And some of these things will tend to be a little subtle as well. Like, you know, when I fought with that person that of course didn't come with a huge bang announcement that this is the tool and this is why this happened.


[00:12:15] You'll slowly see the dial moving and things moving, working to how you wanted them to be,


[00:12:22] Kanika: So the other question I have is, well, I tend to fall asleep all the time with meditation, and I don't know if this meditation can ever work for me.


[00:13:03] So with my teacher, sometimes when he's teaching, I will just doze off. And you know what? That's okay. It happens to all of us. It is almost like your body's protection mechanism. So there are things that you are clearing up when you are in a meditative state. You're clearing up the negative energies.


[00:13:53] But if your body is falling asleep, it doesn't mean that your spirit is asleep. Your spirit still gets it. You still do the work. That's the amazing thing. Your soul still does the work. What you can do is that as you wake up, you can just try and remember maybe what is the bit where you fell asleep, because that's good awareness around what triggers you somewhere internally.


[00:14:42] The reason I meditate is because I want to have more space to create stuff, to bring in all the good stuff and the high vibration that I want in my life. So if it's any negative stuff or any pain, like just take it away. I don't need to know the details. I don't need to know the memory, I don't need to know the people.


[00:15:21] You can just tell your grounding cord that, okay, just release whatever it was that is making me unconscious. Just release that unconscious energy and that will work. Notice if it works for you.


[00:15:37] Kanika: So I skipped a few beats here and I started talking about a tool called Grounding, and I've actually written an ebook on this.


[00:16:18] And a grounding cord pretty much does the same way, functions the same way. It's a connection from your body to the center of the earth. And the purpose of that is to release anything that's not serving you. So imagine the judgments or the criticism, and again, I don't need to go into all high negative tones, but you could just imagine that all of those are getting released.


[00:16:59] And something that just really helps us all to manage stress and anxiety, to really release anything negative, all the judgments and the criticism, and again, all those negative emotions. So I really, really wish you good luck with that.


[00:17:24] Ending Notes and Links From This Episode


[00:17:42] So thank you, thank you, thank you. If you can just pop in a review wherever you are listening to this podcast. That really helps other people find it as well. It helps me share this message far and wide with more people around the world. If you wanted to share or listen to some of the resources that I've mentioned in this podcast as well, you can just browse through the show notes or you could also visit the website at art of life center.com. That's where you can also find my upcoming classes. And of course, you're more than welcome to join me, and I would love to see you there. So that's it for this time. Thank you again for joining me on The Art of Life podcast. I will see you next week with a fresh new episode.


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